Model(s) CC4-VS

1. Place Control Panel and Cutting Head on a flat table with the back of the Control Panel facing the side of the Cutting Head. Connect the grey DB-15 Control cable to the connectors on the back of the Cutter and the back of the Control Panel. Plug the black Power Cord into the fused power receptacle on the back of the Control Panel. Then plug the Power Cord into your 110V outlet. Be sure all connections are tight and secure!

2. Next hook up the Air Regulator to your air supply and set the pressure at 50 PSI. This will work on most lightweight materials. If the machine is not cutting your material then increase the pressure in 10# increments until it is making clean cuts.

3. Set the Roll Stand behind the Cutter and line it up with the Guides on the Cutter. Place one Plastic Disc on the Roll Stand and put on the roll of webbing so that the webbing rolls off the top of the roll in a counter clockwise motion. Place the other Disc on the Stand and put the Disc Holder lightly against the Disc and tighten the Thumb Screw lightly. If the webbing does not turn freely then loosen the Disc Holder a little.


1. Turn the Master Switch to the "ON" position.

2. Adjust the Guides Strips to fit the webbing you are using. Do not make it to tight as to cause drag on the web.

3. Feed the webbing through the Guides and push it up to the Feed Rollers and then push the FEED JOG button on the Control Panel. This will take the webbing through the Feed Rollers. Jog the webbing past the Rollers an inch or so and press the KNIFE JOG button. You can also put the webbing through the Rollers by pushing down on the Black Knob and lifting the Rollers and pushing the webbing through by hand. Note: If your machine is equipped with the optional cutoff switch, you must feed material under the trip rod before the guides.


FEED JOG Allows you to manually operate the feed rollers.

KNIFE JOG Allows you to manually operate the knife. RE-SET Allows you to clear the machine and start a new program.

STOP Allows you to stop the machine and save all data in the memory. Also allows you to clear a data entry when programming.

ENTER Allows you to enter program data.


(for Variable Speed models only)

When the control panel is turned on the LCD will read "FEED RATE 1-9". This will determine how fast the webbing will feed through the machine. 1 will be the slowest and 9 will be the fastest. To enter the speed, push the number you desire and it will automatically be entered.


1. When the Master Switch is on the LCD will read "LENGTH?". To enter the length you want say a 10" piece just push 10 on the Keypad and ENTER to for enter. For 10 1/2" enter 10*5 and ENTER. Different thickness of webbing will feed at a different rate and sometimes becomes necessary to calibrate the machine for a particular type of web. You may have to program in 10.10 to get the length you want for a 10" piece.

2. After entering the length, "HOW MANY?" will appear on the LCD. Enter the number of pieces you want, example; 50 ENTER for 50 pieces.

3. "CUT TIME?" will appear on the LCD next. This is the amount of time the Knife stays down to cut the web. This will vary according to the thickness and the width of the web. Example; a lightweight material may only take .10 sec to cut where a heaver material may take .250 sec to cut. Some experimentation is necessary to find the best cut time for your material. To get .10 sec cut time push *10 after "CUT TIME" appears on the LCD then push ENTER. When you push the ENTER button after the cut time, all the data will appear on the LCD and the Machine begins cutting. (You will have to experiment a little with the time to see what works best with your webbing.)

4. To stop the Machine during operation and not loose the data you have entered push the STOP button and hold it down until the Machine stops. If you need to make an mergency stop push RESET or turn the Master Switch off. By using the STOP button you will save the program and the count. To resume, just press ENTER and it will continue with the program you had entered. When you use RESET or the Master Switch you will loose the program. After you have ran a program and want to run the same program again you do not have to enter the data again. Just press ENTER and it will run the same program and continue to keep a running count.

5. When you are through with the Machine turn the Master Switch "OFF".